Jura Decalcifying Tablets 3x3 (9 pieces) - B00143OMBU

Jura Decalcifying Tablets 3x3 (9 pieces) - B00143OMBU
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  • Carefully removes all scale residue from the coffee machine

  • Seals the fluid system and ensures long-term corrosion protection for pipes and thermoblock

  • Contents: 9 pieces

  • Style Name:Individual

    To extend the service life of its coffee machines, JURA has developed a 2-phase descaling tablet which gently removes scale while also protecting your coffee machine.

    Manufacturer's Description

    JURA Descaling Tablets have been specially developed for JURA coffee machines to thoroughly remove deposits and scale which build up over time, especially in hard water areas. JURA Descaling Tablets are precisely formulated for use with JURA coffee machines ensuring effective descaling without damaging any components. Correct use of original JURA Descaling tablets will extend the service life of a JURA coffee machine and help to ensure optimal performance.

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    JURA � if you love coffee.

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    Jura Decalcifying Tablets 3x3 (9 pieces) - B00143OMBU

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